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Wonderful Winter Update

Greetings from a luscious Hopewell lodge!!

The last two months have brought us some much needed rains which have led to green grasses and fantastic game viewing.
There has been an exciting increase in animal numbers due to the amount of births here at Hopewell!

the family herd of elephants have been spending most of their time around the lodge and seem to have captured the dominant bulls attention again as he seems to be spending most of his time with the herd.

winter mornings seem to bring about some brilliant activity, including being able to spend some time with the red necked francolin families as they forage and interact.

The cheetahs have been very active over the last couple of months, also spending most of their time in the valleys nearby the lodge.
It definitely is one of the most exhilarating sights to watch a cheetah chase a herd of 40 impala across the open plains at speeds of at least 100 to 110 kmph.

The Hopewell team